Intro: MBTI Musings from an ENFP

Hey, everyone! I decided that I'm too scatterbrained with thoughts to limit my (albeit often unread) blog to outfit posts when I have thoughts to share on the numerous facets of life I enjoy; namely personality types and Myers Briggs.

I know it's not an absolute science but it's too fun to attempt to type people we meet in our lives, those we're born with and bound to, ones we have to work with, and even others who may not play a part in our lives - such as fictional characters we may relate to.

I'm an ENFP. I've taken the test probably about 30 + times, and I've always ended up that way - I may do a post that goes in depth about the cognitive functions that drive ENFP's in a later post.

I suppose parts of this come off as elitist, but it's simply my way of gauging people, their preferred behvaiors, and adjusting mine accordingly. At times, it feels like I'm stripping myself of a sense of self, but over time I've come to accept that perhaps that is my self, or rather, a part of me and my personality that I'll have to embrace. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts, whether it's as silly as mapping GoT characters or speaking about my personal relationships. Fellow MBTI lovers, feel free to sound off on what you're interested in hearing about!

Others, here's a link to a free version of the test (answer as honestly as you possibly can, and don't linger too much on each question - make sure to assign proper weight with how much you truly agree or disagree):