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About ME

I'm Jennifer Laxmi, originally from the NJ/NYC area, attended Emory University & received my BBA in Marketing and Business Communications.  After moving back to the northeast and then Florida for a year; I've finally moved back to ATL with my now husband, Anup. 

I created this blog as an a creative outlet from my day jobs, as I enjoy expressing myself in every way shape and form, whether it's voicing my opinion on some fandom or taking pleasure in showcasing my taste in fashion and style!

I'm heavily influenced by my ethnicity (my parents speak Tamil); whether it's finding unique ways to style sarees/Indian-wear, singing along to Hindi film music, pigging out on Masala Dosa, or practicing henna. My husband's parents are of Gujarati origin which makes for a unique fusion of two very different cultures!

I love learning about people and their experiences, relationships, and perspectives. Ask me anything (via e-mail, tweet, whatever) and I'll be more than happy to answer. Oh! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram at @laxmilifestyle