Fresh & Clean Winter: Top 5 Men's Must-Haves

Guest Writer: Uneeb Rahman

Skincare & taking care of your body is as important for guys as it is for girls. Below are my top 5 picks that will leave us looking our best wherever we are going - from late night holiday parties to early mornings at work. 

1. Hard Cream Pomade: I'm always sporting a very short, clean haircut, and this lightweight styling cream is great for maintaining it. I've recommended it to friends looking for a heavy duty hair cream as it offers great texture,and leaves your hair feeling very natural and styled for hours with a matte finish. Great way to hold your hair in style on those cold, windy morning walks to work. 

2. Jack Black Jet-Set Gift Set: This handy travel-friendly set includes everything you need to keep your face looking great! I love it because the products are nicely sized, and you can easily fit them in your carry on. Plus, at such a sharp price, I think it's a clear winner. The facial cleanser is mild and includes the toner, which is great and eliminates the additional step that many of us choose to skip every morning, The shaving lather offers super comfort while shaving, preventing razor bumps and cuts, and the face moisturizer contains SPF 20, providing good defense against UV lights while keeping your skin looking its best.

3. Awake & Exfoliate Body Bar: I'll be the first to admit - I was always repelled from using soap bars in the shower because they would always leave my skin feeling dry and flaky, but this product really changed the way I look at body bars. Not only does it contain numerous oils and caffeine to invigorate your skin in the mornings, but it also moisturizes and cleans up daily dirt that causes skin to look dull and rough. I use this every morning for the scent, and because it also leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean, and hydrated. 

4. Kiehl's Facial Fuel: My dermatologist always swayed me away from using facial scrubs to prevent bacteria from spreading, but this energizing scrub from Kiehl's is AMAZING! I had started noticing dead skin building up on my face, and wanted to find a way to remove it. Well, this does the trick! The scrub revitalizes your face and removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin ready for a close, smooth shave. I usually use it two to three times a week, right before shaving. It also works great to just remove dead skin cells if you want to sport that beard, but make sure to not use it more than three times a week max. 

5. Kiehl's Eye Alert: Last but not least, holiday season can really take a toll on our eyes. All those late nights and early mornings can leave our eyes looking fatigued and tired, with dark circles. Well, this cream not only offers instant eye alert so you can go to work looking like you got hours of sleep (when you were out until the wee hours of the morning), but also moisturizes and strengthens skins with continued use. 

Do you have any skincare favorites or winter regimens? Share in the comments below!