Stripes and Chokers ($50 Outfit)

This entire outfit was $50, no lie. I'm so torn because on the one hand, I hate falling into trends vs. staying classic; but who says the off-shoulder top can't be the NEW CLASSIC. Style and fashion is all about experimentation; I should allow the off-shoulder to creep into my "staples" for summer. They're just so fun and allow you to stay simple/chic in other areas - ex: my all black faux leather leggings & slip ons. So I guess I've fallen into the deep black hole of the off-shoulder trend and I'm not leaving anytime soon! These suckers can stay in my closet.

Can't wait to figure out what button-down off-shoulder tops I can include in my fall wardrobe! Ah, but I digress... scroll down for links to similar and/or exact items featured here!

Top: Shein ($10) // Leggings: H&M (similar here for $10) // Shoes: H&M ($25) // Choker: SheIn ($4)

This H&M/SheIn trend is slightly embarrassing BUT (there is a but!) they feature a lot of current trends that may die out later for a great price and, honestly, even quality. None of these items have broken down yet and I've had these leggings for 2 years now - and a huge plus, the shoes aren't uncomfortable!

Also kudos to my girl Adhiti for shooting me while it was drizzling/semi-gross outside. 


I recall running around town after lunch in Chicago with my husband (fiance at that time) and begged to stop at LOFT (maybe a few more stores) just to have a peek. He's always sweet about letting me run into a store for about 5 minutes until he either gets bored or wants to focus on items for himself to alleviate his boredom! So I took a look around and bam, I found my one-hit-wonder dress. Every time I'm in a rush to work (which is a lot), this dress is always calling me, and I oblige as often as I can without wearing it too often. It's so perfect and flatters my body type (unless there's wind as seen in some of these pics, ha!) without being too baggy. Perfect for casual or professional settings, IMO. 

Top: LOFT // Shoes: DSW // Clutch: Aldo // Sunglasses: Banana Republic

Shop the look below:

Olive + Orange

So I can blabber on and on about what I got & where I got it from, but I think I'll just stick to the key style "tip" that I try to follow, which is dressing for proportions. This might be obvious, but I hate the look of a super tight shirt with an equally tight-fitting pencil (or worse, jersey) skirt and all that nonsense, EVEN THOUGH I do have more of a curvy figure. I'll admit I try to manipulate what I can to wear the style I'm craving, vs. succumbing to my body type (as long as I don't look ridiculous).

I love the idea of a chunky sweater & a short pleated skirt - modest yet feminine. It's easy to slim this seemingly flare-y look down with a structured jacket and tights. Also, when you decide to wear a bright color, you don't need to match everything else to it, nor do you need another bright color to appear "trendy." I'll get into that in my next post, I suppose.

Photo credit: Robert Berris
Deets on the purchases below!

Jacket / Coat: Forever 21 (ugh, got it at original price - FML)
Skirt: Nordstrom Rack
Sweater: Forever 21 (old), similar here
Shooties (booties / heels, whatever you wanna call 'em): Franco Sarto via DSW, similar here
Necklace: Forever 21
Satchel Bag: Zara
Ribbed over-the-knee tights: H&M
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