6 maternity clothing brands you need to check out (pregnancy and postpartum)

I’m sharing my favorite brands that saved me during pregnancy and postpartum! When you feel like nothing fits — from the awkward stage, to the golden 2nd trimester, to the omg-so-uncomfy-and-wanna-lie-down-and-do-nothing phase — it can be debilitating; and after giving birth, those maternity items will feel like a savior (albeit slightly disappointing when you can’t fit into your old clothes - but you just gave birth to a baby!) So go easy on yourself and be kind when you look in the mirror. I’m trying to take my own advice y’all so I totally get it.

Top - Asos Maternity, Pants: Uniqlo, Sandals: Target

Top - Asos Maternity, Pants: Uniqlo, Sandals: Target

ASOS Maternity
From fancy dresses all the way to summertime PJs, ASOS maternity was godsend when it came to finding items that fit me during pregnancy. I shopped here for my first few items once I started showing, and their PJs were so amazing without feeling like I was cutting off my circulation. When it came to my maternity photo shoot and baby shower, they had such legit options especially in their bridesmaid section that made it so easy for me to quickly shop for special occasions, weddings and anything else fancy. I’m actually wearing one of their maternity dresses to work today, 5 months postpartum.

Pink Blush Maternity
Pink Blush has a bunch of mom friendly items, namely tops and dresses that are great for everyday wear. I still wear a pink blouse from there postpartum with some black trousers and chunky heels at the office now, and the “loose fit” allows me to do a lil’ french tuck without feeling frumpy.

PANTS PANTS PANTS! I’m telling you, the first things I grew out of and the most immediate need. And yeah. I needed them after giving birth because not everyone can snap back into their old pants. And that’s okay. Uniqlo’s maternity jeggings were super comfy, and now I just fold them a bit over my hip and wear with a longer top.

Pea in a Pod & Jessica Simpson brands were kinda pricey here, but I hit that sales rack and came out with a few staples that I’m still wearing today. Baby Reya was born mid November so I needed some tops that could be worn around Thanksgiving and Christmas for a few family events and select outings!

OOOOOOH my goodness. What’s there to say about Target besides the fact that it’s both therapy and a store rolled all into one. My staple maternity jeans and shorts, a few trendy loose tops, comfy sandals, postpartum wear and my new work bag to fit my pump — Target was and continues to be a go-to for my #NewMomLife.

Bet you didn’t think of this one lol! Honestly, I went into Walmart with the thought of buying a bigger sports bra and some diapers for my soon to be bebe. But I ended up walking out with amazing comfy soft Ts, leggings that felt fitted yet comfy, nighttime nursing-friendly dresses, PJs and more loungewear. I’m not kidding when I say Walmart was the most underrated spot for maternity wear. I still wear some of these as PJs or daily wear and I am so thankful I checked it out!

Top: ASOS Maternity, Joggers: Pink Blush Maternity

Top: ASOS Maternity, Joggers: Pink Blush Maternity

Fall-Ready Maternity Wear

Oh hay y'all! Pregnancy has been quite a ride and all I'm tryna do is look half decent during it haha.. it's not always easy I'll tell you that. The third trimester has begun and I'm started to get tired with the simplest of things. #BumpLife is real!

But on a fun note, I'm sharing a cute maternity find today — this super cute elbow patch back-button top from PinkBlush Maternity! I simply love the patches and detail on this top, and it's super flattering with tons of room for your growing bump.

Top:  PinkBlush
Laxmi Lifestyle Pink Blush Maternity

I think this is one of those tops that can be worn post-partum just because the cut is pretty tailored and has a fun flare! You can shop it here for only $39

You can also browse more PinkBlush maternity tops here to stroll into fall like the fashionable mama we all are… hey gotta look good while growing a human, right? :)

What pieces are you mamas loving from their maternity line? Comment below!

10 year-round Fanny Packs

Yes, you heard me! Fanny packs are legit and don't tell me otherwise. I first bought this tan one from Target (similar here) when I shopped for my trip to Hawaii earlier this year. I knew we'd be jumping from activity to activity and wanted something easy, portable, and versatile. In comes the fanny pack.

How to wear fanny packs.png

The great thing about these is that they're useful year-round depending on what you're doing. Perfect for on-the-go storage and all those Atlanta United Games, concerts or events that prefer something clear. A clear jelly waist bag can be a savior!!

I've compiled some of my ultimate favorites here -- shop them below! 

Fanny Packs Fashion Blog.png