Last-Minute Dollar Christmas

I'm absolutely, unhealthily obsessed with Christmas and all the holiday cheer! I wanted to make my apartment (in FL) feel a bit more festive and take me back home (Northeast). But I knew I wouldn't be here for the week of Christmas, so I wanted to get just enough so that I didn't feel like I splurged on Christmas decorations for no reason.

If you have a last-minute holiday party to host, or are simply behind on a few Christmas decorations - hit up the dollar store or Target! I have both right near a Michael's - and I know if I walked in there I would have walked out with a bunch of stuff and no time to put it all together. I figured I would try to be as creative as possible on a budget, and my small studio apartment actually feels Christmas-y!

Things to get: 
Mason Jars (I got big ones with gold lids at Dollar Tree)
Ornaments (large packs are buck at the Dollar Tree and even Target's $1/$3 section)
Plant Stuffers (they have them at Dollar Tree for a buck each)
Ribbon (generally not pricey if you get a thick one - you can even cut it in half vertically if you're trying to really squeeze out a bang for your buck)
Snowflake Wine Glasses (for the days when you want to curl up to a lovely glass of red wine while watching Hallmark movies)

Tree: I also got a 12 dollar 2 ft artificial tree from Target (I won't be at my apartment for the holidays, this was just for leading up!)
Candles: These holiday-scented ones were $3 from Target's "cheap" section
Ornament lights: Again, $1 at the front of Target
A cute towel for your oven