About Me

Hi everyone!

I'm Jennifer Laxmi, Jen Lax on my social media networks and among my coworkers and some friends. I'm a Jersey girl - born & raised, attended Emory University (in ATL).

I'm a die-hard lover of anything aesthetically pleasing; I enjoy expressing myself in every way shape and form, whether it's singing loudly in the car -- doodling, drawing or designing on papers, nails, the wall... anything (I'm serious - I used to paint my walls) -- voicing my opinions on some fandom -- or taking pleasure in how I dress & expressing my taste in fashion and style! I'm outgoing, passionate & love learning about people, different experiences, relationships, and perspectives. Ask me anything (via e-mail, tweet, whatever) and I'll be more than happy to answer. Follow Laxmi Lifestyle's Instagram at @laxmilifestyle

Guest Writer: Uneeb Rahman

Name Pronunciation: OO-NEEB REH-MON

Uneeb Rahman is Houston-bred fellow Emory graduate living in NYC. But most importantly, my best friend! I've invited him to write his random musings and opinions on men's products and lifestyle. You can ask him any questions at uneebr@gmail.com & follow him on Instagram at @uneebrahman.