Ain't Nobody Like a Desi Girl (ft. India Boulevard)

When I first decided to get this lehenga for my cousin's wedding reception, I knew I'd heard about India Boulevard before, but finally took the plunge! It was so worth it.

From the service and communication to the efficiency and quality, I couldn't have been happier with my outfits! This is just one of them, which I decided to style in 3 different ways. 1 - Traditionally, 2 - with my crop top & choker, and 3 - with my fave culottes.

The process was quite simple:
A: Pick your style (lehenga, anarkali, etc.)
B: Set your price range, set your date
C: Customize any details (this can be an ongoing process with the stylist/assistant, who is available on phone, WhatsApp and Live Chat)
D: Confirm your order and measurements
E: Await your precious arrival!

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India Boulevard Laxmi Lifestyle
Laxmi Lifestyle India Boulevard
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Ekta, who helped me out with my purchase, was super receptive to all my customization needs (super high maintenance when it comes to the perfect color combos, swatches, and patterns). I was so stoked to see my off shoulder blouse come to life, and more importantly, for everything to fit me like a glove. I seriously recommend them, and sometimes they are accommodating with dupatta needs, color swaps, and even the timeline.

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