Stripes and Chokers ($50 Outfit)

This entire outfit was $50, no lie. I'm so torn because on the one hand, I hate falling into trends vs. staying classic; but who says the off-shoulder top can't be the NEW CLASSIC. Style and fashion is all about experimentation; I should allow the off-shoulder to creep into my "staples" for summer. They're just so fun and allow you to stay simple/chic in other areas - ex: my all black faux leather leggings & slip ons. So I guess I've fallen into the deep black hole of the off-shoulder trend and I'm not leaving anytime soon! These suckers can stay in my closet.

Can't wait to figure out what button-down off-shoulder tops I can include in my fall wardrobe! Ah, but I digress... scroll down for links to similar and/or exact items featured here!

Top: Shein ($10) // Leggings: H&M (similar here for $10) // Shoes: H&M ($25) // Choker: SheIn ($4)

This H&M/SheIn trend is slightly embarrassing BUT (there is a but!) they feature a lot of current trends that may die out later for a great price and, honestly, even quality. None of these items have broken down yet and I've had these leggings for 2 years now - and a huge plus, the shoes aren't uncomfortable!

Also kudos to my girl Adhiti for shooting me while it was drizzling/semi-gross outside.