I recall running around town after lunch in Chicago with my husband (fiance at that time) and begged to stop at LOFT (maybe a few more stores) just to have a peek. He's always sweet about letting me run into a store for about 5 minutes until he either gets bored or wants to focus on items for himself to alleviate his boredom! So I took a look around and bam, I found my one-hit-wonder dress. Every time I'm in a rush to work (which is a lot), this dress is always calling me, and I oblige as often as I can without wearing it too often. It's so perfect and flatters my body type (unless there's wind as seen in some of these pics, ha!) without being too baggy. Perfect for casual or professional settings, IMO. 

Top: LOFT // Shoes: DSW // Clutch: Aldo // Sunglasses: Banana Republic

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